25 Nov

Give Thanks Pillow from, $24 (image via Dear Lillie)


I had intended to write a very sappy and fairly lengthy post about Thanksgiving and all that I am thankful for…which is a lot. But I didn’t draft it ahead of time, and well, you know how Thanksgiving Day goes: cook, food, drive, more food, wrestle sugar-fed toddler to bed, and you’re spent. That said, I suppose that the biggest thing of all that I have to be thankful for this year is that I love the people I am surrounded by so much that I don’t really want to entertain spending half an hour away from them to craft a complete and thoughtful blog post tonight. So if you want my sappy “thank yous” you can kindly refer to my post from last year, which remains unchanged.

My husband, my son, my family, my friends, our fantastic neighbors, my job, our wonderful day care provider who is like another grandma to our son, and so many of the little and big parts of my life are constant bright spots. It’s nice. I’m grateful.

So on that note, I hope that your Thankgiving celebrations were fulfilling and filling, and that you too have lots of little and big things to be thankful for every day.


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