Beyond the Edges: Five New Ways to Think About Molding!

15 Nov

Decorative molding is the hallmark of a traditional home. It’s clean, bright white, and refined in a way that exudes crispness and civility. Since we’re all used to seeing intricately carved bands of white adorn the space where ceiling meets wall (and top of the wall meets bottom and the wall, and wall meets floor…) here are a few new ways to think about molding and its wide array of uses. Some of these are great applications that you may never have though of, while others are extremely daring. Hope you enjoy each and every one of them!

1.) Molding doesn’t have to be white.

A glossy black paint can bring molding to the forefront of your design in a way that's graphic, bold, and very fresh! (image via DecorPad)

2.) Molding can be painted unconventionally and exuberantly.

Farrow and Ball advertised their new 2011 colors by showing off how they could be used to top off a room in a fabulously unexpected way. What a great paint job! (image via Farrow and Ball)

3.) Ignoring molding can make it stand out in a great way!

This wall design completely ignores the molding's presence, but somehow it amplifies the architectural detail. (image via Carpet The World)

4.) Using molding functionally, in this case as a shoe rack, is a great idea!

Evenly spaced bands of molding provide the perfect place to hang your heels. Genius! (image via Pinterest)

5.) You can use molding as wall decoration…all over the wall!

This is such a simple idea with such a powerful impact. I'm sure it's a dusting nightmare, but it's absolutely lovely! By Christopher Stevens Interiors. (image via Christopher Stevens Interiors)


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2 Responses to “Beyond the Edges: Five New Ways to Think About Molding!”

  1. Tiffany November 15, 2011 at 10:19 PM #

    I love this. Some really great ideas!

  2. jgbinteriors November 18, 2011 at 1:51 PM #

    I’m glad you like it Tiffany! I love all of these images and hope some people decide to use them!

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