It’s Been A While…

28 Oct

It has been a CRAZY WEEK! I’d intended to take the entire week off from blogging but made a huge blogger’s faux pas in the process, as I forgot to announce my “vacation” and then absconded without my computer. I spent the week in Florida, helping to do some recruiting for my former graduate program which I currently teach for. Having never done anything like this before, I’d thought it would be a relaxing experience peppered with friendly interactions, collegiate swag, and a world of southern fast food at my reimbursable disposal. And it was all that, but there were a few bumps along the way as well: specifically, my rental GPS didn’t function, and going from new city to new hotel to new campus and repeating that three times is, well, exhausting. I did meet several wonderful and bright potential graduate students, and I had a nice few days to myself for a change. So all in all, it was an enjoyable week without some regular stresses to deal with!  For now, I can’t wait to tackle my mile long to-do list (client catch-ups, midterm grading, toddler tending, and – Ahh! — Halloween preparations) and head to bed in 200 hours or so.

Until then…have a great Friday! I will be posting a pumpkin crafting post this evening or tomorrow!

This is calling my name! How gorgeous is that headboard?!?! (image via DecorPad)


Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


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