Five Under $50: Perfect Posters!

14 Oct

Everyone loves a good poster. Even for those of you with the most expensive and refined tastes, a poster that pops is perfect in a basement, plays space, or child’s room. …and for the rest of you, posters can definitely find a home in your living room or hallway. Framed or not, infographic or homage to pop-culture, there’s a poster for everyone. Below are five of my favorites right now. Forgive me for being heavy on the text…I just love it!

1.) 99 Cent by Andreas Gursky, via the MOMA Store, $25 (image via MOMA); 2.) Bird Ave Skyline Poster (your choice of dozens of cities with customizable colors), $20 (image via BirdAve - an Etsy Seller); 3.) El Jefe Alphabet, $25 (image via El Jefe Design); 4.) Charley Harper National Parks Posters from the Cincinnati Art Museum, $40 (image via Cincinnati Art Museum); 5.) The Delectable Kaleidoscope of Candy Bars, $25 (image via Pop Chart Lab)

I love those Bird Ave skyline images — custom on the cheap! And the Gursky photography is a longtime favorite of mine; every time I see it I want to think it’s a painting and not a photograph. The El Jefe Alphabet was recently installed in a client’s 10 year old son’s bedroom — talk about perfect!

What’s your favorite poster?

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