20 x 200 Picks!

20 Sep

If you haven’t heard of 20 x 200 by now, boy are you missing out!  It’s a website that offers fantastic art at affordable prices, and helps to bring artists and collectors together by offering limited editions of various sized-prints at prices that may surprise you. They specialize in both photography and “paper” art, and they have a range of subjects and styles that will please almost anyone.

Here are five pieces that are available on 20 x 200 right now. The smallest print starts at $20!

Images clockwise from top left: Untitled (blue) by David Corbet; Contact Sheets by Parsley Steinweiss; Praia Piquinia 11/08/10 12h15 by Christian Chaiz; ny.11.#02 by Jennifer Sanche; Vanity Fair MAY08:pg269 (and, incredibly, looking not a day older) by Lauren DiCiocci. (all images via 20x200 courtesy of the artist)


I just love these watercolors (there is a series of six), but sadly, the smaller ones are no longer available (and for good reason — they’re wonderful!).

Ideal Bookshelf 5, TRE by Jane Mount (image via 20x200 courtesy of the artist)



What new pieces will you find…and most importantly, which one will you buy? 


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One Response to “20 x 200 Picks!”

  1. Erin September 23, 2011 at 3:14 PM #


    I love this one.

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