Gearing up for Fall!

7 Sep

What a week it’s been…and what a fall it’s shaping up to be! I’ve been transitioning from visiting family, going to the beach, and am now headed full-speed into the fall design rush (it seems that as soon as summer vacations end and kids head back to school, people dream up dozens of design projects to tackle). A designer has greater things to complain about than work, though! 

This image captures exactly how foggy my brain feels AND it hides the dust on my desk quite well! Thanks, Hipstamatic!

While many parents are freed up as kids head back to school, I’m going to be taking on a different kind of workload myself this fall: next week marks the beginning of my graduate course at the Corcoran College of Art + Design, where I’ll be teaching a seminar on conceptual development and communication. I’ve been teaching continuing education at the Corcoran for years, and I am thrilled to expand my role to the graduate school this year. I’ll be kicking it off this weekend as I run a short workshop about Design and Social Media for the students. What a busy few month’s it’s going to be! I’m looking forward to it.

Please excuse me as I juggle my new schedule in the coming weeks; I hope it doesn’t affect my posting schedule too much, but I expect the frequency to be a little lighter (well, if we’re being honest, I expect it to be as it’s been for the past few weeks). In the meantime, I hope you are all enjoying the acts of sharpening pencils and cleaning paintbrushes as much as I am — fall is my favorite season, and this one will be no exception!


Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


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