Natural Light Shines Bright!

29 Aug

If you live on the east coast chances are your power is or was out this weekend. Luckily ours only flickered off for a few minutes. That said, our internet is still down so I am working from the comfort of the coffee shop across the street right now, where I pay rent in $4 coffees and instead of listening to the yawns of my cat I am listening to the incessant chatter of young 20-somethings discuss their agonizing transition from college life to leisurely internships in the big city. Le sigh.

Glass vases look stunning in a light-filled window. (image via Decor8)

If you’re doing without your lamps and sconces right now, take comfort in these images of spaces that are adorned with natural light. You may not have big bay windows or a luminescent warehouse-conversion, but you can still enjoy some blue sky and sunshine through your peepholes, however large or small they may be.

Domino knew that window treatments need not always be super private. Sometimes sheer is lovely, and the modern twist these draperies add to the room is definitely a welcome element! (image via Domino Magazine)

We all know that white is a reflective color (which enhances light) but any shiny or polished surface will have the same effect. Here, a glossy dark banquette is lit up with sunshine! (image via Lonny)

You'll always adore a beautiful stained glass window like this, but when the power goes out you'll appreciate the light AND the privacy in your bathroom! (image via Country Living)

I bet this ultra-bright room hardly ever needs artificial light during the day: the whites, the glass, and the reflective surfaces set the scene for brightness at any exposure. Just watch out for the glare! (image via Elle Decor)

A gallery of lovely hodge-podge artwork frames a beautiful, but normal-sized, window. (image via Elle Decor)

Have a great week, and wishing you a very uneventful last few days of August!

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