Friday’s Five Under $50: Hurricane Preparedness!

26 Aug

In keeping with the “natural disaster” theme this week, here are five very necessary, very fashionable items that may be of use to you in a hurricane. Or an earthquake. Or thundersnow.  Or a sandstorm (hey…you never know). The bright side is that they are all under $50!

1.) Chevron Throw by H&M, $14.99 (image via H&M); 2.) Ljusa hand-powered Flashlight from Ikea, $4.99 (image via Ikea); 3.) Kamik Ellie Rainboot in Eggplant, $34.99 and up (image via; 4.) KitchenAid Manual Can Opener in Red, about $20 (image via KitchenAid); 5.) Archipelago Botanicals Currant Candle, $30 (image via Archipelago Botanicals)

Of course these items go frivolously beyond the bottled water, food, first aid kit, radio, solar chargers (of which I recommend the Free Loader Pro Solar Charger with gadget adapters) and all that other essential stuff.

So on a lighter note, have a great weekend indoors — and stay safe!

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