Earthshaking Gothic-inspired Furniture Finds!

24 Aug

As you probably already know, we here in DC had an earthquake yesterday. It was “only” a 5.8, which in earthquake-speak is just a moderate event. But let me tell you: while alone, on the third floor of a just-kind-of-well-constructed residential building, in a room with glassware and precariously positioned flat screens and an eight foot tall floor mirror (that was mounted to the wall, but I kind of forgot about this in the heat of the moment), it doesn’t feel very “moderate.” It feels scary. I spent most of the 30-some-odd-seconds standing with limbs extended in my entryway, positioned like a goalie in soccer about to catch a ball, not really knowing what to do. Then I called my husband. Then I went to get my son from day care, which was a good idea because everyone was pretty shaken up; except him of course, because he slept through it while he was ON THE FLOOR. Once I returned home and turned on the news it was clear that the event, though geologically significant, thankfully didn’t make much of dent in terms of injuries or structural damage. Ahhhh…perspective!

So this brings me to the theme of my post today: the most significant damage in DC seems to be at the National Cathedral, which lost three of its pinnacles and has a central tower that appears to be leaning. The cathedral’s Neogothic architecture is unlike anything else in Washington. I find it to be stunning; the arches, the buttresses, the spires and the intricacy of the stonework are all lovely and unexpected in a city full of Classicism. When I was a kid and we would go there for Christmas Eve services at midnight, I’d spend a few hours outside miserable in the cold and surrounded by mostly boring adult conversation, but always admiring the architecture and picking out the faces in the stone with my dad.

The Cathedral, undamaged. (image via Washington National Cathedral)

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of furniture pieces that are inspired by Gothic architecture, and this day seems as good as any to share a few with you. Hopefully, should you choose any of these for your house, none of the details will break off  in the next “big one!” Enjoy all the spires, the arches, and the delicious quatrefoils (love them!). 

Clockwise from bed: Ferret Bed by Noir Furniture (image via NoirFurnitureLA); Gothic Hall Bench from The Antique and Artisan Center (image via FirstDibs); Quatrefoil Decorative Pillow by Lacefield (image via LaylaGrayce); Gabby Lighting Athena Chandelier (image via LaylaGrayce)


Hope you have a wonderful, uneventful day!

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