Interesting Art to End Your Week From Jenny Odell

12 Aug

Last night my husband and I were looking at a week’s worth of email and RSS-feed articles, and came across the work of Jenny Odell.  She is a San Francisco area artist who has done a series of prints called “Satellite Collections,” taking images from Google Maps and organizing them into a collage of sorts. This one is called “125 Swimming Pools” and it is what it sounds like — 125 swimming pools, pulled from Google Maps and visually reorganized. 

Swimming Pools, Jenny Odell (image via

I’m really drawn to it for the color and the bold lines, but it also occurred to me that I probably like it because it reminds me so much of the work of another artist I adore: Craig Kanarick (you know I really love his candy prints, because I probably mention them every two months on this blog). Here is his “Blue Candies I.”

Blue Candies I, Craig Kanarick (image via


I enjoy looking at her other prints as well, some of which feature nuclear cooling towers or roads or “every basketball court in Manhattan,” but none strike me with the same punch as the pools.  Maybe it’s the technicolor blue or the “candy-esque” vibe I get, but I just love it; she must love it as well because it’s the main image on her website. 

Odell’s prints are available on 20×200 here, and Craig Kanarick’s candy art is available on his website


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