Willy Wonka Inspired Decor!

8 Aug

A great movie-themed image by one of my favorite local artists: Popcorn Painting on Found Metal by Michael Fitts (http://mfitts-art.blogspot.com/)

Like most parents of young children, my husband and I limit our son’s television watching to a reasonably small amount, and we try to restrict it to programs that we preview and approve of. Think Sesame Street, The Backyardagains, Sid the Science Kid, and WonderPets. In our house, there are no vintage (and often violent) children’s cartoons, and certainly none of the Real Housewives franchise (I could only get away with that for his first six months).  Still, the one movie that I personally have a huge weakness for is the original Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. About once every month or two, usually on a rainy day, a sick day, or a slow Saturday morning when my husband has to go into work, Beckett and I curl up on our big living room chair and watch the movie. He loves it as much as I do it seems, and he is usually willing to sit through the whole thing on my lap (yes, we skip the “scary tunnel scene”).  This is one of those trade-offs that I can live with, and it has its benefits: one day when he’s old enough, we can read the book Charlie and The Chocolate Factory together and I anticipate he will love it.

Anyway, to get to my design-y point, I’ve been on the hunt for a graphic poster for his room to replace some strung-up Eric Carle alphabet flash cards that have proved to be too tempting for his tiny hands and amateur climbing skills. I’ve looked at superhero designs, vintage school-themed prints, scoured Etsy for its unique finds, and tried designing my own Alphabet poster. I like many of these options a lot, but they don’t mean anything to me…and certainly not to him. But this weekend it HIT me like a ton of bricks: a Willy Wonka poster. That’s the golden ticket! (Haha — Get it?? )

Here are some posters I’ve found that I think are wonderful. I can just see them on his wall!  I think they’ll all be splendid with his wall color, which is Benjamin Moore’s  Rainforest Dew at 150% pigment (you know I can’t just “pick a color”…I’ve got to tweak it). I also love the contrast with his draperies and bedding (he has Dwell Studio’s Chocolate Dots/Dotscape, and I’m about to get him draperies in the same fabric instead of the plain chocolate brown he has now).

Clockwise from top left: Poster (via Amazon.com); Dwell Chocolate Dots Stroller Blanket (image via Dwell Studio); Poster (image via MovieGoods.com); "B" Wall Letter (image via Urban Outfitters); Poster (image via MovieGoods.com); paint representation (image via Benjamin Moore)

What do you all think? Does anyone have a favorite poster…or another suggestion?

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