Everyone Loves Letters!

3 Aug

I have a thing for typography and I adore letters and numbers in decor.  Lately a few alphabetic pieces have caught my eye, so I’m going to share a few with you! It just so happens that all of these are neutral in color, which I think is a nice subdued offset to the whimsy of the neat patterns and lines that letters create.

If Rocks Could Sing, by Leslie McGuirk (image via Amazon.com)

If Rocks Could Sing by Leslie McGuirk is a children’s alphabet book, featuring letters and representative objects that are made exclusively of found objects — imagine searching for a rock to represent every letter of the alphabet! It’s available at Amazon.com for $9.


Pilosale Pillows, about $45 (images via Etsy)

Pilosale has a few wonderful pillows featuring characters, and I recently spotted one that resembles notebook paper for a client’s playroom. What fun! Who wouldn’t love these? They’re available at Pilosale’s Etsy store, or if you’re in DC or Baltimore you can find them at Trohv.


A to Z Bangles from Anthropologie (image via Style Hive)

I just came across these A to Z Bangles from Anthropologie, which are unfortunately from a few years ago. I’d love them just to wear, but I’d also be thrilled to put a bunch of them in a huge clear vase for display.


And I’ll end with a “sort of” art project that I did with my son this morning. There are tons of fallen crepe myrtle flowers on the ground in our yard, so we decided to collect them (his job) and arrange them into the letters of his name (my job…a challenge considering his destructive instincts).  These are the results; I even got some that are perfectly suitable for framing! He’s enjoying the installation…and the last few drops of my coffee.

I guess you’re never too old to play with letters…or at least I’m not!


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