A Super Special Monday Garden Update!

25 Jul

Today is my first 29th birthday, so I can write about anything I want to. Hmmm….what’s it going to be?
You guessed it: my plants. I know you all come here to read about design and paint and color and MY PEPPERS so I’ll indulge you, just for a few sentences. Pictured above is the bounty that I collected this past weekend: a few tomatoes — medium red, small “purple” and tiny yellow; peppers in red, yellow, green and purple varieties; arugula; chives, parsley and basil. Needless to say, dinner last night was a Trader Joe’s Organic 3-Cheese pizza and a big salad. Combine that with the fact that my husband took me rock climbing this weekend, and you can call me a veritable earth mother. I even bought quinoa last week!

I won’t be so rude as to just leave you with rants about my garden and no actual decor nuggets, so below are a few picks of gardening items that have been helpful for my city-style balcony farm. I hope you enjoy them, and should you choose to eliminate any and all walking space from your outdoor patio this or next season, I wish you a thousand tiny tomatoes of luck!

Urban Gardening Essentials include, at least for me: a fashionable watering can that you will see from your living room (Ikea's PS Vallo); a paintbrush for pollinating those little tomato flowers, nice dish soap to wash your dirty hands and your dirty veggies...bugs! (Mrs. Meyers); sturdy decking to cover and even out your surface (IKEA's Platta); gardening gloves - again, dirt (Hable Construction's Clementine Dot Gloves), and twine...because sometimes your tomato cages just don't cut it and you have to tie things up to a nail on the exterior door frame. And don't forget a fun colander to gather and wash your veggies in!

Happy Monday to you! I’m having a very happy birthday so far!


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