Closet Envy!

21 Jul

Who knew organizing your personal belongings could be easy and cheap…and beautiful! Here are a few great ideas to spruce up your storage space, none of which require tons of money, square footage, or a contractor. No need for closet envy here…just head to the hardware store, get yourself a few free hours, and you’ll have a stunning storage space (whether it’s in a closet-proper or not) in no time!


These brightly painted mouldings serve as a functional and fun shoe rack.

(image via Living Etc.)

Need a place to store jewelry without it getting tangled or hidden?  A wired empty frame will do the trick! And the best part is that you can hang it almost anywhere!

(image via


If you have a nursery, you have books. And surely you don’t have enough space to store them. The solution: ledges, and lots of them.

(image via


I’m not sure how easy this really is to do, but Love Aesthetics created a coat/accessory hanger out of a branch, some white paint, and some wire for hanging. Very minimal, and very creative!

(image via


Do you have any creative closet (or no closet) solutions? Would these work for you?


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One Response to “Closet Envy!”

  1. Desire Enderson February 20, 2013 at 7:21 AM #

    Shoe racks offer a convenient means of storage for those of us who have numerous pairs of shoes. The difficulty that many have with the large quantities of shoes, due to the differing footwear requirements of the family unit, is the fact of storage. Taking into account their unusual shape, as well as buckles and heels, they are inherently difficult to store in standard drawers and cupboards, which is why the advent of the shoe rack has alleviated many of these problems.^

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