Chevron Here, Chevrons There, I See Chevrons Everywhere!

18 Jul

Chevrons are everywhere, and they show no signs of going away. This is just fine with me because I really like their bold and graphic impact: pillows, rugs, and even furniture can be punched up with a little zig-zag! I’ve found a few unique interpretations of the chevron that I adore nthat differ from the typical color-on-white graphic we’re used to seeing.  Take a look…

This mirrored chevron entertainment console from the home of Laura Day was featured in a 2010 issue of Lonny. It’s so subtle but makes such a huge impact. 

(image via Lonny)

I love this yellow room with the custom carpet and coordinating art panels:

image via The Tile Shop Design by Kirsty)

 These “Scattered Chevron” drapery panels from Anthropologie are a much less jarring take on the wide bold chevrons we’re used to seeing:

(image via Anthropologie)

For a twist on floor textiles, Flor even offers a carpet tile in what they call the “Sophistikat” pattern. I love it…especially the subtle imperfection of the way the edges meet (or don’t).

(image via Interface Flor)

This watercolor is simple yet so interesting. I’d love it in an all white room, or against a navy wall. 

(image via entrenous)

And finally, these refinished Queen Anne chairs from Etsy seller Nenavon (unfortunately, already sold) are just adorable!

(image via Etsy seller Nenavon)


Have you seen any other chevron-themed decor items you love lately? If so, please share!


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