Friday’s Five Under $50: Summer Cookbooks!

10 Jun

Barbecues, birthday parties, outdoor suppers, and picnics in the park: you’ll surely be trying out some new recipes this month!  Try these five fabulous cookbooks for culinary inspiration…and be confident that they’ll look pretty on your counter, too!  All are available at for under $30, except for the IKEA baking cookbook, which you’ll have to exert some serious effort to find (let me know if you do!). 


1.) Martha Stewart Living Cookbook, by Martha Stewart; 2.) The Good Stuff Cookbook by Spike Mendelsohn; 3.) Peace Love and Barbecue, by Mike and Amy Mills; 4.) Terre à Terre: The Vegetarian Cookbook by Powley and Taylor; 5.) Homemade is Best from Ikea (apparently being given away in Sweden)

 Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.



One Response to “Friday’s Five Under $50: Summer Cookbooks!”

  1. Rusty September 21, 2011 at 3:01 AM #

    Reading this makes my decisions easier than taknig candy from a baby.

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