Memorial Day Cake Plates!

30 May

I wasn’t planning on posting today since I normally don’t post on weekends and today is still a holiday, but then I remembered last year’s Memorial Day post and I can’t help re-featuring it!  Below are nine fabulous cake plates in red, white, and blue. Thankfully, this year my son is old enough to happily tag along to BBQs  (you’ll see in my last paragraph how last year this was not the case. Oh, how 365 days can change things!).  

Happy Memorial Day 2011!

I know that holidays mean a lot of things:  family traditions, love and togetherness, supporting a cause, or adhering to religious principles.  In addition to all of these wonderful things, they also often mean CAKE: probably the most wonderful of all those things.

So, in keeping with the summery festivity and seasonally appropriate colors, enjoy these red, white, and blue cake plates on this Memorial Day weekend!  And enjoy lots of charred meat and backyard barbeques; I’m jealous, as it’s very difficult to attend nighttime grilling activities when your toddling mini-monster goes to bed at 7pm.

Signature Now and Then Cakestand, $25; Edible Candy Cakestand (yes, edible!!!!), Fancy Flours, $18; Corvella Cakestand, Chris Madden, $59

Bird Cakestand, Whitney Smith Pottery, $78; Scalloped Cakestand, Williams Sonoma, $45; Floating Tiers Cakestand, Lucy's Cakeshop, $70

Both Blue Glass Cakestands from Look In The Attic; Blue Cupcake Tiered Cakestand, Party Pieces (UK), £17.99

Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


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