Color Friday is: Green Two Ways!

22 Apr

In honor of Earth Day, today’s Color Friday features objects that are green in two ways: color and environmental impact. While I realize that often times the greenest thing is not doing (or buying) anything at all, I also know that that isn’t a practical way to go about being fashionable, and there are many ways to have style while consuming with conscience. Take, for example, these great earrings made from recycled skateboards. I got a pair a few Christmases ago, and I love them just as much as I did when I opened the box. Not only do I get a neat pair of earrings, but one fewer skateboard goes in a landfill!

Skateboard Earrings by Etsy seller 2ReVert (image via Etsy)

Here are several more green-colored products that are green in some other way as well. One of them used to be a wine bottle, another is made from seat belts. Some use low-VOC finishes, some use very little energy, and one is just…well…really old.

Clockwise from pendant at top: Raimond Suspension Light made from LEDs, $1,925 (image via YLighting); Recycled Glass Elizabeth Lamp from Stray Dog Designs, no longer available (image via Grasshopper510); Green Seat Belt Pillow by Ting Studios, $114 (image via Branch Home); Mid 20th Century Vintage Metal Locker from Dos Gallos...because vintage is green, price on request (image via 1st Dibs); Felted Wool Pillow by Hable Construction, no longer available (image via Hable Construction); Eames Molded Plastic Rocker made with recycled polypropylene, $479 (image via Modern Seed); Growbottle, grows hydroponic herbs in a recycled wine bottle, $35 (image via Uncommon Goods); Alma Urban Crib, made with low-VOC paints and finishes, $399 (image via Bloom Baby)

In addition to consuming with care, be sure to keep the whole product’s life cycle in mind and dispose of your home goods in a sustainable way. Give an unwanted table to a friend who always liked it, donate your old clothes to charity, resell your child’s changing table or rocker before you put it out on the curb, and always always always dispose of your paints, solvents, and compact fluorescent light bulbs properly. This is a great site that allows you to find recycling centers for specific items in your vicinity – use it.

Hope your Friday is green and happy, and that you have a great weekend enjoying some (hopefully) nice weather! I’ll be painting (not joking).

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