Extreme Couponing. Extreme Pantries.

19 Apr

I’ve recently been reading about a new show: TLC’s “Extreme Couponing.”   I’ve never actually seen an episode.   (Sidenote, I pronounce the word “q-pon.” My husband relentlessly makes fun of me for this, saying that the proper pronunciation is “coo-pon.” Is anyone actually with me here?) 

Like any good designer, after I ponder how they eat their food before it goes bad and whether they give any of it to charity, I am left with one burning question: how could you store all of this stuff in an attractive and functional way?  What kind of extreme pantries do these people require?  Short of an 8,000 square foot manse, the thought of  a pantry that could successfully and attractively house all of that food (and toilet paper) boggles my mind.

Instead of thinking about that challenge, here are some of my favorite real-people pantries: some are well-organized closets, and some are impromptu wardrobes-turned-food storage.  All are extremely beautiful and functional in their own way. 

This one is from ReNest, a favorite blog of mine. It shows off Jamie Oliver’s line of organizers.

This pantry, featured in Country Living, is a great way to make a space for your kitchen tools and dry ingredients when you don’t already have a designated place to put them.

Another from Country Living: I think this one is my favorite.

I love the idea of painting the interior of the pantry closet an unexpected color. This is from Vision Decor:

Another with the glass bottles. These people must be store their food elsewhere…but their “show” pantries are beautiful! From Penny Pantry.

And for a bigger one, this walk-in pantry is from House Beautiful: can you imagine…a WHOLE room for spices and rices?  There’s nothing spectacular about the look of this space, but the ability to line up all of your tiny jars (alphabetically even!) in a single line would make me so happy. 

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  1. Cara April 19, 2011 at 2:20 PM #

    I love this post!

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