Calming Monday Spaces!

18 Apr

Mondays are rough. Am I right or am I right?

Well, take a deep breath, and have a look at these calming spaces that are actually fairly easy to replicate. No fancy wall paneling, no outstanding or unusual architecture, no items that start at $5,000.  Just simple, clean, white, and light pieces that come together to create a sense of calm.  With spaces like this, consistency is key: use only neutrals (particularly whites and creamy beiges). If your floors are decidedly brown, cover what you can in a soft white rug and keep going.  You can mix warm and cool undertones and metallics and you can explore various textures. Just resist the urge to use color or introduce “loudness.” It’s amazing how great a sea of white can make you feel!

It's crazy how simple this space is, and it even has a crooked spice organizer on the wall! The success is in the texture and the soothing lines. (image via Concord Green)

Interior Designers Kelly Giesen’s bedroom. Hiding in that corner cabinet is a MESSY home office! (image via The Lennoxx)

Ok ok, so the whitewashed exposed brick is a bonus, but I find the variation in scale and play on levels on this room so pure...and gorgeous. (image via Design Sponge)

Eek! A white nursery? Well trust me, when it comes to tiny people bleachability can be your best friend. I love this room from Carousel Designs: all white crib linens, finishes, and textiles with the ever-so-tinyest pop of color. (image via

This is actually part of a corporate office (Rhetorica, designed by What We Do), but to me it has very much the "old warehouse" vibe. The formula of white washing everything and adding in some simple frames and what looks to be an Ikea sofa is bright and open-feeling. (image via SunnysBlog)

Feel better? Great…when you’re done looking at these, get back to work.

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