Find of the Week: Global Warming Rug by NEL

12 Apr


The Global Warming Rug by NEL is soft and cuddly, but very serious in terms of its inspiration.  In the designers’ own words: it “contrasts the comfort and softness of a rug with a thorny problem that is specific to our time. Following the age-old tradition of using rugs as a means for communication and a cultural record, NEL is portraying global warming in a scene that invites us to reflect on our impact on today’s world.”

The Global Warming Rug, which I do not believe actually comes with a tiny polar bear. (image via NEL)


I hadn’t heard of NEL before, but after looking at their projects I think that the concept of the collective sounds exciting and purposeful. From their website: “NEL is a platform for experimentation formed by an evolving collective of Mexican designers. The collective, founded in 2004, serves as a channel to create and exhibit projects that focus on the conceptual and playful side of design. The organic nature of the collective allows for an ever changing pool of designers, which in turn generates a wide variety of projects that range from political statements to playful storytelling or aesthetic explorations.”

But more of this gorgeous rug:

The whole Global Warming Rug by NEL. (image via NEL)

Tiny bear on a big rug. (image via NEL)

It’s 100% hand-tufted New Zealand Wool, and comes in a variety of sizes, including custom.  If we’re being honest here, I partially like this rug because it would look FABULOUS in my living room (and my son has a lot of properly-proportioned animals to put on that little iceberg).  It handles vacuuming well, and that beautiful color won’t show stains as much as a lighter shade – perfect!

You can see more of this rug at the manufacturer’s website: Nanimarquina.   Hope you like it as much as I do!

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