Cupcakes, Portraits, and Paintings…oh my!

28 Mar

Umm.  Well….I had so much fun at my son’s birthday party that I forgot to be diligent about taking pictures of the actual party.  We did, however, get a lot of good pictures of the people at the party, which is really what matters.  Thankfully I managed to get a few excellent shots of the cupcake tier that I made:

The bottom (white) is a cake plate that a good friend gave us for our wedding, and the black top piece is actually a candle pillar from Crate and Barrel!  A perfectly toned down vessel for the super bright birthday treats! Sigh…I didn’t even get a chance to photograph the banner, or the way we used an old Coke crate to display other food.

But we got a good family portrait! Even if my son’s hand is in his mouth…

This is a rare happening: we hardly ever take family pictures, and when we do someone’s eyes are closed.  The painting on the left is by Abbe McGray and it’s one of my favorite things we have. Here’s a better look at it (it’s huge). I believe it’s called “It’s Me” — as in the artist as a little girl, not “me.”  But I get asked that a lot.  If this “me” had tons of money, I’d ask her to do another half-face portrait of my son…and also one of our cat.

(image via Abbe McGray)



So that was our weekend.  Family, food, trucks, and fun. Hope yours was good as well!

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