Color Friday is: Green Round-up!

18 Mar

In honor of yesterday being Saint Patrick’s Day, today’s Color Friday is a round-up of all my previous GREEN posts. See the top three below:

1.) The very first ever Color Friday in October of 2010: Kelly Green!

The First Color Friday ever was Kelly Green, as suggested by a reader whose name is Kelly!


2.) Sustainable (i.e. “green”) Tree Ring Art by Tracy Melton was featured in December of last year!

Tracy Melton paints wood rounds with beautiful concentric colors for you to hang on your wall!


3.) Back in June, I did an Inspirational Palette all about basil. It even featured a green-colored, green ( as in ecologically sustainable) fabric!

Mostly green, a little purple, totally fresh.


Check them out, and Happy Friday!

Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


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