Nothing Better Than Starting The Week Off Right…

7 Mar

A clean desk is good for your soul. (image via Decor8 via House to Home)

My home office was painted this weekend — Benjamin Moore’s Barren Plain (2111-60), if you’re wondering — and I love it!  I took the messy paint-zone as as opportunity to declutter my office and my desk and I’m so glad I did. There’s nothing better than a clean work space, a lighter load of junk to sift through, and an organized file system to make me more productive and less frazzled.  I’m thinking my peace of mind will last at least two weeks.

In honor of messy home offices everywhere, here are six work spaces that are polished, neat, and gorgeous.  Hopefully they will provide you with some spring cleaning motivation…and if not, perhaps they’ll give you a little inspiration to beautify your surroundings.  Enjoy!


Believe it or not these are both in a CLOSET!  Almost as challenging as the increasingly popular nursery-in-a-closet option, creating your workspace (even if it’s just your bill-paying workspace) in a tiny closet is no simple task.  These tiny offices are both executed in a way that’s functional, full of personality, and easy to close off. (As always, click on the image for a larger version.)

Left image via ReadyMade. Right image via Apartment Therapy.


An office can be strikingly modern or cheekily traditional; either way, small touches like unique seating and coordinated storage pieces make it YOURS.

Left image via Right image via Lonny.



Cococozy covered the before and after of designer Ghislaine Vinas’ home office back in June of 2010, and I love the bold colors and functional simplicity. Though this set up wouldn’t work for everyone (no shelving, little storage) a few file cabinets or an adjacent bookcase might make this look possible.  Love it!

All images via Cococozy.


The great thing about home offices is that they’re typically light on the textiles and skimpy on the seating, so you can often go as crazy or high-end as you want without destroying your budget.  With some creativity, good finds, and great art and storage systems your possibilities are not only exciting but achievable.  Now get to work!

Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


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