Backsplashes to Brighten Your Day!

28 Feb

It seems that with spring comes lots of cleaning…and painting…and backsplash installation.  Backsplashes can be made of tile (big, small, rectangular, round, shiny, natural, the list goes on…), painted, or clad in unexpected materials like resin or glass or stainless steel.  Their prices cover an equally diverse spectrum; you can get lucky with a simple and standard tile for $5 a square foot, or you can pay upwards of $100 a square foot for a rare material or an elaborate design.

Here are a few examples of well-executed backsplashes representing a variety of styles (and budgets). Warning: you will see no terracotta or tumbled stone here. Enjoy!


Turquoise glass against stark white sterility - lovely! (image via

You've gotta work with what you've, a $10 quart of paint and some chalk goes a long way... See the whole project at TheElefanta. (image via Design Sponge via TheElefanta)

Metal backsplashes are something that I typically don't gravitate towards. But here with the natural ceiling, dark floor, and subdued but colorful cabinets you don't even notice that the industrial metal tiles quietly add something to the space. I love them. (image source unknown, but the tiles are Walker Zanger Metallismo tiles)

This backsplash defines "bringing things together." Gorgeously retro but updated. Cute kid, too. (image via Costal Living)

Simple monotone, complex textures. I love how the dark-colored grout makes the tiles pop and changes the whole look of the room. (image via Decor Pad via Mary Evelyn McKee & Tria Giovan Photography)

Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.

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