Gorgeous Fabric: Carousel Stripe!

21 Feb

I spotted this colorful striped fabric last week when browsing some drapery textiles. I can’t get it out of my head.

Carousel Stripe fabric in India (Image via Calico Corners)

It doesn’t fit any of my current clients, and I felt it wasn’t right for my home.  I was sad.  Then, I realized it comes in about six more colorways!  Among them are two that I equally adore: Travertine and Ocean. Travertine is PERFECT for my home office!:

Travertine, above. Ocean, below. (images via Calico Corners)

It really is a shame that this textile doesn’t scan well.  The actual sheen is incredible.  It’s 72% silk and 28% linen, so you can imagine how lovely the stripes are and how textured it actually is.  Here is a picture from the Lane Venture website that does a better job at capturing the depth and drape of the fabric, but still doesn’t depict even close to the right texture or show the full repeat:

Better picture, but still doesn't do it justice. Lane Venture calls this colorway "berry." (image via Lane Venture)

Carousel Stripe is refined, fun, understated and over the top all at the same time.  Made by Lane Venture (I am almost positive about this, but am not 100% sure that they are indeed the manufacturer) and available at Calico Corners for $62.99/yard, it’s one of the greatest values I’ve seen lately in textiles.  Where would you use it – drapery, linens, pillows, framed or somewhere else?

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2 Responses to “Gorgeous Fabric: Carousel Stripe!”

  1. Lori Cropp February 25, 2011 at 1:37 PM #

    Hi there!
    I was completely in love with Carousel Stripe when I saw it too – it was the inspiration for a whole collection we did with a great U.S. mill called American Silk Mills (they make the product). The quality and design of thier products are exceptional.
    Great blog and thanks for the Carousel Stripe love!
    Lori Cropp
    Merchandise Manager
    Calico Corners/Calico Home

    • jgbinteriors February 25, 2011 at 1:44 PM #

      Hi Lori — thanks for the comment! I can’t wait to find someone who will love this fabric as much as I do (and I have a particular client’s bedroom in mind that’s blue/green). I’ll be sure to take some good photos if I end up using it in a project!

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