Color Friday is: Peppermint!

28 Jan

Simple and intricate: red and white swirls. (image via TableTalkAtLarrys)

Red and white stripes almost always make me think of peppermints!  Candy canes, round mints, and bold swirls.   Red and white is a common pairing that can be strikingly modern or unquestioningly feminine.  It can be nostalgic, current, or juvenile, and it’s all about how you incorporate it.

I think that often times the best way to incorporate red and white stripes into your home is in small doses.  Just a hint of the peppermint motif is exciting and fresh…and doesn’t make every day feel like December.

The walls, a pillow, books - the perfect amounts of peppermint! L and Center images via Decor Pad, R image via Lonny.

Here are some red and white striped accessories to spice up your rooms.  Enjoy!

Images clockwise from top: Ashton Sutton Round Striped Vase (image via; Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Peppermint Soy Candle (image via Amazon); West Elm Zig Zag Rug (image via West Elm); Dransfield & Ross Red and White Chevron Pillow (image via Dransfield and Ross); Double Octopus Lamp (image via Hive Modern); Red and White Stool (image via Nautical Living); Feather and Black Red and White Knit Throw (image via Feather and Black); Kate Spade Chattanooga Purse (image via

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