Color Friday is: Robin’s Egg Blue

14 Jan

I was looking for a color to focus on this week that is bright and cheery, but not too “spring.”  Then I saw this lovely  image and I had it:

Perfect! (image via Apartment Therapy via Pink Wallpaper)

Robin’s Egg Blue is a color that’s inviting and uplifting without being either too feminine or too cold.   It’s also incredibly flexible, seeing as how it goes just as well in a baby boy’s room as it does in a jazzy, just-this-side-of-clashing palette.  See?:

Great photo, wonderful colors! (sadly, image source is unknown)

I have a really rough relationship with light blues, and I tend to advise against and avoid using blues of the sky- or baby- variety.  But add a shot of green (aqua, robin’s egg, tiffany) or purple (lavender, periwinkle) and I’m all in!  It should also be mentioned that Robin’s Egg Blue evokes a rather iconic commercial identity…

I've always found Tiffany Blue to be a tinge greener than Robin's Egg, but really, let's call it even. (image via ShopOnline2011)

Enjoy this week’s Color Friday collage, filled with lots of goodies that may not be quite as exciting as something that comes in a tiny blue box, but will come very close.

Clockwise from swatch at top: Martha Stewart's "Robin's Egg Blue" (C25); Rectangular Tray by Caspari (image via Caspari); Bubbles and Robin Chairs by Chaircouture, fabric by Maharam (image via Chaircouture); City Revere Bowl with Blue Enamel by Oscar de la Renta Home (image via The Silver Gallery); Fretwork Wallpaper by Antonia Vella Tamarina (image via SevensPaint); Recipe File by Martha Stewart (image via Macy's); Aruna Seth Farfalla shoe in Tiffany Blue (image via Demoiselle); Antique Flour Container, K&M Antiques (image via K&MAntiques); 20th Century Oversized Wall Unit from Heather Karlie Fine Art and Antiques (image via 1st Dibs)

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2 Responses to “Color Friday is: Robin’s Egg Blue”

  1. missblissindc January 14, 2011 at 12:46 PM #

    This cheered me up this morning! Thank you…

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