A Simple Vase + A Good Sale = A Match Made in Heaven

12 Jan

I bet that you have an unused clear vase sitting just around your house, and I guarantee you that Bath and Body Works is having their huge after Christmas sale right now (until January 16th).  Why do those two things relate to each other?  This is why:

Your powder room will be just like a posh hotel. (images on top via Bath + Body Works, image on bottom via Crate & Barrel).

Like I said, Bath and Body Works is having a huge sale, and in that sale they have millions of billions of tiny little purse-sized antibacterial hand sanitizers priced at 38 cents each!  I’m not making this up.  I bought about 20 of them today and literally handed them to everyone I knew on my way into my building.

I had few thoughts running through my head as I scooped them into my basket today at the mall (except for “oooo pretty! oooo cheap! oooo more!), but now I realize the perfect use for them: a take-home soap buffet!  Just get a big-ish glass vase, fill it with these tiny anti-bacterial sanitizers, and put it in your powder room so that guests can take one home with them when they leave.  They’re tiny, candy-colored, and truly useful!  In my house, where we’re still changing diapers and being hit with cold season, a quick and easy way to clean your hands is always much appreciated.  Just please please please remember not to use anti-bacterial soap each time your wash your hands: constantly killing every germ you touch will take away some of your body’s natural ability to fight off immunities, and anti-bacterial solutions really are best for on-the-go cleaning.

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One Response to “A Simple Vase + A Good Sale = A Match Made in Heaven”

  1. missblissindc January 13, 2011 at 1:30 AM #

    You=genius. Idea=stolen. Yes, I am stealing this idea from you, and no, I am not giving you credit. 🙂

    Thanks for this fun and creative post!

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