Pet Decor At Its Best.

28 Dec

This adorable, cozy kitty sleeps in a bed that is much nicer than mine. (image via JunkCamp)

My husband and I always try to do special things for our cat, Neuman…especially during the holidays.  Last year “special things” came in the form of this awesome pet bed from Hepper:

Hepper Podium Pet Bed in Herringbone. (image via Hepper)

Herringbone exterior, Sherpa lining, sleek stainless legs….and he hated it.   Of course, I told the nice lady who purchased it from me on Craigslist that he loved it, so hopefully he is the lone exception in terms of his distaste for comfy and stylish lounging spots.

This year we stuck with toys and treats for our furry friend, but I am hoping to upgrade his scratching post to this one from ThinkGeek in the near future (it’s currently sold out):

If you're exclusively into Louis chairs and florals this might not be for you...but if you like retro graphics, get on the waitlist! (image via ThinkGeek)

Now if you are into more traditional spaces, or just really plush cat beds, check out this project from JunkCamp.  You, yes YOU, can make a true four-poster bed for your cat or small dog.  This is nothing short of amazing.

What a transformation! (images via Ohdeedoh, via JunkCamp)

..and THAT is how to spice up the decor in your pet’s life, as well as your own.

Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


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