Beautiful Beds!

22 Dec

Don't you just want to fall down and take a nap here? (image via LivingEtc.)

Maybe I’m thinking about fluffy comforters and perfectly positioned pillows because I know that shortly I’ll be waking up at 4am for a most-of-the-day-drive.  Or maybe it’s because last night I spent a few middle-of-the-night hours in the pitch black with a toddler who was very enthusiastically chanting his new words — “hair!  Aaaa!  Bbbb!  Pppp!  meow!  no!”  Anyway, at this point in the season I know that many of us are sleep deprived, but at least we can get our rest vicariously through these gorgeously soft and comfy bedroom images.

Hopefully, these might be able to provide some inspiration for your own sleeping quarters.  Enjoy!

A few pastels for the shabby-chic, feminine types:

On L: a minimalist but colorful vignette from Domino magazine. On R: a frilly but updated scene from Elle Decor.

A monochrome room where the textual details say it all:

Love this -- the architectural details, the simplicity, and the DOG! (image via Cottage Living)

And a few eclectic rooms, where all of the elements come together just right.

Color that's fearless! On L: image via Apartment Therapy. On R: image via Style at Home.

The stool at the foot of the bed just makes this room for me. (image cia DecorPad)


Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


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