A New-Classic: the Eclectic Wall Tree!

21 Dec

I was tempted to do a post on alterna-trees in general this week, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

The Tree! By Jane Schouten from alltheluckintheworld. (image via ATLITW)

The wall tree featured above, which has made its way around the block a few dozen times this past year, is burned into my brain as THE perfect alternative to a traditional Christmas tree.  I love everything about it: the way the colors pop against white, the varied textures and materials, the mixture of found objects and collected ones, and the overall impact of such an innovative take on a traditional item.  It’s from alltheluckintheworld, an arts website from Dutch artist Jane Schouten.  It reminds me a little bit of Craig Kanarick’s photographs of candy that I talked about here.

Detail of the tree (image via ATLITW)


This was well done the first time I saw it, and is still well done this year.  One day I’d love to amass enough things to display like this…perhaps even in a rectangular shape to show off all year round!

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