Color Friday is: Cranberry!

17 Dec

It’s not quite Christmas yet, but I still wanted to go with a holiday-themed color for this week’s Color Friday.  Not an overtly theme-y hue, but an unmistakably festive one.  So without much deliberation I settled on the elegant shade of Cranberry: rich, distinct, and equal parts edgy and feminine.  I think this is a great, warm color for a chilly and celebratory time of year.

Cranberry colored glassware of all shapes and shades. (image via Houston Museum of Decorative Arts)

I happened to come across the above image while doing a little research for Color Friday.  It’s from the Houston Museum of Decorative Arts in Chattanooga, Tennessee; a city that is near and dear to my heart because I grew up there between the ages of 2 and 9.   Chattanooga is wonderful place, and in my almost-yearly visits since leaving I’ve seen it grow in terms of culture and cool-factor, resulting in a burgeoning arts scene downtown and a unique commercial district featuring everything from organic grocers to an incredible aquarium to numerous swanky clothing boutiques.  The museum sits in the Bluff View Arts District, which overlooks a large swath of the city and has one of my most favorite coffee shops in the universe (Rembrandt’s) and a fantastic art gallery, The Hunter Museum of American Art.  The Houston features pieces that were owned by Anna Houston, a seemingly eccentric Chattanoogan who left her extensive glass collection to be shown to the public; she especially had an affinity for cranberry pieces!  I hate to admit that I’ve never been, but now it will be one of the first stops on my tour of the city when I go back.  Can you tell how much I love it there?

L: the modern interior of the new wing in the Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, Tennessee; R: me on the Hunter's massive terrace overlooking the Tennessee river (both in the summer of 2008)

Southern-style Classic architecture meets Gehry-inspired modern architecture. Both wings of the Hunter at night, as photographed by my then-fiance, now-husband.

It seems fitting to me that I celebrate the wonderful coincidence of finding such a personal image that is the best representation of my color selection by showing you a collage of cranberry colored glass pieces.  I hope you find it interesting, and just a little bit festive!


Clockwise from top R: 19th Century American Cranberry Bowls from Ann Madonia Antiques (image via 1st Dibs); Cranberry Diamond Facet Ornament by Glass Eye Studio, $23 (image via House Beautiful); Cranberry Swirl Pull Cabinet Hardware, $5 (image via Hot Knobs); Pair of mid-19th Century Cranberry Glass Sconces from Alexander Westerhoff Antiques (image via Alexander Westerhoff Antiques); Fruit Salad Bowl, $35 (image via; Elenor Cranberry Chandelier by Laura Ashley, £150.00 (image via Laura Ashley); Rokki Bangle by Phuze, $230 (image via Vivre); Kosta Boda Zoom Medium Pink Candlestick, $195 (image via Kosta Boda)

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