Find of the Week: Vintage Card Catalogs!

7 Dec

Vintage card catalogs are pretty popular amongst the design-blog set these days, and I can see why.  This now iconic and stunning makeover from the super adorable husband/wife team at Young House Love is burned into my brain.

Amazing refinishing job from the folks at Young House Love (image via YHL)


Below,  these two are equally fabulous in their own way. I love them both, and especially love that they’re not the standard shabby chic distressing job.  Very Mid-Century Modern!

On the left is a great "find" from a Texas flea market via Design Sponge, and on the right is a simple and clean vignette from Poetic Home.


It probably goes without saying that hunting down a massive old card catalog is a huge project in itself, and the work it takes to get it into proper condition is a whole different challenge.  So, I thought that this cute, smaller card catalog from Etsy seller Hindsvik is a great compromise.  Bold, unique, and versatile, there’s likely room for it or something like it in your home.  It’s priced at $325, plus a wholelottashipping I’m guessing — still, it’s worth it!

Industrial Metal Card Catalog from Etsy seller Hindsvik (image via Etsy)

Happy Catalog Hunting!

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One Response to “Find of the Week: Vintage Card Catalogs!”

  1. Beth December 7, 2010 at 5:45 PM #

    LOVE these. I need one!!!

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