Great Blog Discovery – Geninne’s Art Blog!

3 Dec

I’m headed out the door early in the morning to go to a cousin’s wedding, and have decided that pulling together a cohesive Color Friday post is going to be difficult on the road.

Visit at (image via Genine's Art Blog).

Alternatively, I want to share a blog I just found via Etsy: it’s called Geninne’s Art Blog and its one of the most colorful and inspiring blogs I’ve seen lately.  Geninne is an artist and mom living in Queretario, Mexico, and she writes about her art, her life, and her business.  She seems to be a super mom: painting, blogging, and running art camps for adults (adults with lots of cash to burn by traveling to Mexico to spend a week delving into creative projects with her!).  I’ve glimpsed at many of her photos and it also appears her home is super cool, with lots of reclaimed woods and light and contemporary comfort; I will refrain from re-posting all of her pictures here, but I hope that you take a look at them for yourself.  I can’t wait to dig deeper into her blog!

This is the neat print that guided me to the blog: Archival print of original watercolor, "Pile o Wood" by Geninne on Etsy, $25,

Hope you enjoy the share — let me know if you find anything interesting!

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