A Little Something to Make Your Monday Sweeter!

8 Nov

Though I’m in the business of interior design – as in stuff that you want permanently featured in your home or office – I appreciate good looking party decorations as much as the rest of you.

Art you can eat! Dessert Bar by Amy Atlas of Amy Atlas Events. I wouldn't trade jobs with many people, but, you know...just saying. (image via Amy Atlas Events)

Dessert bars — those luscious, colorful, whimsical tables of candy and sweets — have been creeping up at all kinds of events the past few years.  I think they’re  a lovely touch to a special event.

This Dr. Seuss themed dessert bar, below, is one of the neatest I’ve seen.  It was created and implemented by Kelly of Paper Stories, and comes to my RSS-feed via Amy Atlas’ blog; if dessert bars appeal to you at all (and WHY would they not!?) I urge you to check out Amy’s website.  She does some of the coolest!

I don't know who Jackson is, but he is lucky! (image via Amy Atlas Events blog)

Love the book backdrop! (image via Amy Atlas Events blog)

These are very Seussical, I think. (image via Amy Atlas Events blog)

Want to see more? You can see lots of Kelly’s images here, including some of the non-dessert food spread.

Want one of these for yourself?  You can have one!  You could hire any number of event planners or dessert-bar creators to do one of these for you, but for a casual affair I think that this is an excellent DIY opportunity.  All you need is a concept, some fun paper signs or labels, and a variety of vessels or cake-stands.   Choose a bunch of colorful desserts and candies and be creative!  Order online, search candy stores and dig in bulk bins, explore international varieties at ethnic food stores, and expand your definition of candy to include marshmallows, sprinkles, and whatever-coated-pretzels.

At your next kid-friendly event or holiday party give it a try…and if you like the results, PLEASE send me a picture!

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