Find of the Week: A Jute Rug Like You’ve Never Seen Before…

4 Nov

I saw this rug earlier in the week when I was perusing the Jonathan Adler website.  It’s jute: Wow.

Jonathan Adler, Flora Jute Rug, $495 (image via Jonathan Adler)

I tend to this of his line as having fantastically bold graphics and shiny, of-the-moment statement pieces, so naturally this rug was a pleasant surprise.  It’s such a welcome twist on the rectilinear and stiff natural fiber rugs that we see everywhere.  I love those staple rugs too, but this one is just a whole different concept!  I think it would look amazing as a rug-on-rug piece; by that I mean it would look perfect placed on top of another bright rug…fuchsia, teal, canary….so many choices.

Rug detail - love it with the kelly green underneath!


I should say that when I saw this rug, the first person I thought of was my friend Jessica over at Design Wonderland.   If you haven’t checked her site out yet I suggest you make your way over; it’s one of my favorites, and really does a superb job at capturing her global/funky/natural/glamorous style….kind of like this rug!

Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


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