Home Decor 2010: Elephant Versus Donkey

1 Nov

It’s Election Time, which I find to be quite exciting.  Living in DC has its perks, and having a front row seat for first-week-of-November-frenzy is one of them…at least it is for me.

In the spirit of the day, I was pretty intent on writing a post featuring all kinds of great home decor items that show off our political mascots: the Elephant and the Donkey.  Well, as it turns out, donkeys are not sexy enough to be sewn onto edgy pillows and molded into sculptural salt shakers.  In fact, in all my searching, I found just one donkey-fied item: this Jonathan Adler “Donkey Bank.”  (For the record, I really don’t recommend google-ing anything with the word “donkey” in it…just trust me on that one.)

Ceramic Donkey Bank (image via Jonathan Adler)

The elephant, on the other hand, seems to be some sort of screen printing/needlepoint/porcelain muse; I know I have tons of elephant pillows in my “eclectic” files, and I can definitely recall seeing elephants pop up in gorgeous nurseries, sculptures, and on textiles fairly frequently.  See here for example, three adorable elephant pillows, two of which are made by Thomas Paul.

From L to R: Baby Elephant Pillow and Red Elephant Pillow both by Thomas Paul (images via Thomas Paul); Elephant Pillow by Ross Menuez (image via Areaware)

Not to reveal my party affiliation or anything, but that’s a huge bummer and it seems totally unfair.  Has anyone else noticed this discrepancy among elephant- and donkey-themed decor?

If I ever start my own home accessory line, I’m going to have to do something about this…

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