A Great Way to Experiment with Carpet Tile!

19 Oct

As most of my clients know, I really like Flor.  Flor is a company that makes carpet so much fun with easy to use, economical, and often whimsical carpet tile designs.

Three very different rooms -- made from CARPET TILES! (images via Flor)


It’s not for every space or taste, but it’s definitely a versatile and stylish option that I am always finding a reason to recommend: indoor/outdoor spaces, casual family room, mudroom, kitchen, playroom, doormat, or office area, I bet you have a space that would benefit from some of these 19” x 19” squares.  Still, at $9 to $30 per tile, adorning an entire room in these tiles can cost just as much as a rug (and a fairly nice rug at that…) so pulling the trigger on a product that’s been labeled as institutional and drab for decades is hard to do.  Until now…

I was just perusing the website and Flor is offering 2-tile rug kits – perfect for a door mat or kitchen mat! They are priced from $15 to $54, and are as vibrant and durable as the rest of their offerings.  Pictured below are just six of the fifteen recommended rug kits.  I’m sure you can find one that will work for you…and if not, you can always make your own rug kit from any of their hundreds of tiles, which are sold individually!

Colorful, conservative, or playful! (images via Flor)

Trendy, sophisticated, or crazy! (images via Flor)


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One Response to “A Great Way to Experiment with Carpet Tile!”

  1. Emily October 31, 2010 at 7:36 PM #

    LOVE flor. so much fun and practical when you have a dog!!! accident? no problem, replace the square.

    great site. great taste.

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