I’ll Tell You This: One Kings Lane is Life Changing.

12 Oct

I talk about One Kings Lane a lot.

For example, I’ll drop it into a conversation to say something like: “I saw the greatest rug yesterday on One Kings Lane – it was $250 and retails for $700. Can you believe it?!”


If you don't know, now you know. (image via One Kings Lane)


Almost all of my designer friends know what I’m talking about, but some people look at me like I’m just making up a new store name for fun.  If you don’t know what One Kings Lane is you’re seriously missing out. It’s one of those relatively new discount-designer websites — like Gilt Group and Haute Look are for clothing — except it’s all home decor and accessories.  It’s incredible,  it’s free, and I highly recommend you join yesterday. I believe you even get $15 free for signing up, and that goes a long way when you are getting things at 30%-70% off!  Each sale lasts for a few days and they feature brands like Schumacher, Built NY, Baker, Barbara Barry, Stark, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Sigg, and so many other established furniture, accessory, and knick-knack brands.


Unique Coffee Table Books from OKL: Domino, Pollock art set, and Dogs (image via One Kings Lane)


To be totally honest as I sing the praises of this website, I know that in the clothing world sometimes things are made specifically for the discount-designer market.  This means that the super steal you just got on se7en jeans via Gilt Group wasn’t as much of a steal after all because those jeans were never even intended to be sold at Saks.   You may be the kind of person who cares about this; I don’t.  In any case,  you’ve been warned.  As far as One Kings Lane goes I have no idea where they source their wares but I can say that many things — like the Archipelago Botanicals candles, for example — are indeed sold at designer retailers.


Archipelago Botanicals Candles from OKL: these are usually priced WAY on sale here, at something like 2 for $22. (images via One Kings Lane)



Built NY Neoprene Goodness (images via One Kings Lane)


The reason I bring up OKL now in October is because it’s an amazing site for gifts.  As with most discount sites, it can take a while to ship your merchandise out so planning is crucial if you’re ordering something for a specific occasion.  However, if you stock up on candles, pillows, and some books now you’ll be 100% set come late December.  You’ll mostly find lady-friendly items here, but occasionally there are gadget-centric and food-centric items that scream “husband” or “dad.”

Definitely something for everyone, and at a price much more feasible than expected.

More cool stuff to look at below…



Pillows! (images via One Kings Lane)



Rugs! These are great for a kid's room, but there are tons of other, more sophisticated, options ranging from $200 - $2000. (images via One Kings Lane)



Mirrors and Clocks...lots of them (images via One Kings Lane)



Kitchen-ey Stuff for Everyone (images via One Kings Lane)


Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


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