Falling Alphabet Bookcase

7 Oct



This bookcase was all over my RSS-feed yesterday.  Looks like it’s making the internet rounds, so chances are good that you’ve seen it, too.


Bookcase detail. (image via http://www.utrechtverplettert.nl/)


None of the text I can find about it is in English, so pretty much all I can tell you is that it’s designed by Dutch artist Pieter de Leeuw and it’s made from letter shapes.  I can’t tell if the bookcase is one piece of if there are individual letters stacked upon each other to make the whole (custom!).  It doesn’t appear to hold all that many books, but it’s such a dramatic piece that I doubt you’d want to clutter it with too many items anyway.  Just a few books to suggest the purpose would do the trick; I’m loving the teal book on the top.

If you like the idea of type in your decor, check out this alphabet chest of drawers I posted about a while ago.   I love all things typography, and would be thrilled to have one of these pieces make a bold statement as a console table or stand alone piece on a stair landing.  Just one though…as far as I’m concerned, a little alphabet goes a long way, and we don’t want our fonts clashing.

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