Fall Flower Arrangements That Look (and smell) Like Spring!

4 Oct

As the seasons change – and I’m really feeling the change this week – so do the flowers.

But just because Spring and Summer have the edge on pretty plants doesn’t mean that we can’t get a little creative in the cooler months.  Here are a few Fall flower ideas to keep your house smelling and feeling all nature-y for the next few weeks…and there’s no burgundy, orange or gold in sight!

This is a wreath made from hydrangeas, but I can easily see it being made with mums, chrysanthemums or even acorns. I'm loving the green gourds on the mantle! (image via Melissann on Flickr)

Little chrysanthemum flowers stuck onto floral balls in a bowl. Cute, seasonal, and apparently they last for weeks! (image via Good Housekeeping)

I don't know about you, but my basil has been flowering for a while. I just snipped the pretty (but apparently really tasteless) tops off and stuck them in a small vase.

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