Fascinating, Colorful, I-Want-A-Poster-Of-This Infographics

21 Sep

Detail from "Colors of the Social World (Wide Web)" by ColourLovers (image via ColourLovers)

ColourLovers is a site that allows people to share palettes, ideas, articles, and all things related to color.  It kind of reminds me of Adobe’s Kuler website, which I discovered in grad school.  Not only is the ColorLovers website beautiful but their blog is really interesting…if you’re into gorgeous charts and sorting crayons and Skittles like I am.

Dominant colors in Twitter pages, by state. (Image via ColourLovers)

They’ve created a huge series of infographics called “Colors of the Social World (Wide Web)” that document the colors people use on their Twitter pages.  I think it’s as fascinating as it is beautiful.  Enjoy it here, and don’t forget to click on the hi-res version for the full impact.

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