BabyGanics: Don’t Know How It Cleans, But The Logo Is So Pretty!

13 Sep

BabyGanics is a company that sells green cleaning products, which they claim are safe for the earth, people, and especially focused on the safety and health of little ones.  I’ve never used these products, but saw the company touted on a baby blog I read this morning.

That said, I am in LOVE with this graphic on their website:

Love this graphic! Anyone tried the actual product? (image via BabyGanics)

It really speaks to an urban parent like myself with the depiction of just a kitchen, one living space, and a baby room and a parent room (ok, maybe the garage is pushing it for city living).  There can be so many positives to having a smaller space, with kids, in a city environment, and I always love seeing that depicted even close to authentically.  Way to go, BabyGanics for showing people they don’t need to have 4,500 square feet to have a family (but if you do, I hope you’re enjoying the space)!

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