So THIS Is Why We Keep A Penny Jar….

13 Aug

I came across this innovative way of tiling on Apartment Therapy, and I think it’s one of the coolest floors I’ve ever seen.

Close up of the floor of the Standard Grill (Image via Jean Aw of NotCot.)

These images are from The Standard Grill in the Standard Hotel New York.  Imagine how many pennies you’d have to save up to do this! Still, I’m sure the price per square foot is both easy to calculate and very inexpensive. I’m really loving this look, and don’t find it too out-there seeing as how the copper of the pennies isn’t all that far off from the color of a cherry-toned wood. The dark grout is an excellent choice as opposed to traditional light grout: I think it really complements the warm metallic tones. Kudos to the designers at Roman and Williams for this excellent execution.

See how the black grout works so well? (Image via Jean Aw of NotCot.)

Another installation of penny tiling can be found at Paul Smith’s Paris boutique. Here, you’ll find pennies on the wall and it looks FABULOUS. This image really shows how the different levels of wear and shine add interest and variation to the pattern.

Paul Smith Boutique, Paris (Image via RB Architectes.)

Apparently accomplishing this look is pretty easy. You just get adhesive tile mesh, adhere the pennies, and fill it in with grout as you would a regular mesh of tiny mosaic tiles. Now collecting the pennies is the only thing standing in your way!  It also seems the jury is out on whether this is legal or not, but I’m gonna go ahead and say that if you have dozens of thousands of pennies just laying around, you should probably go for it.

I do have to ask though, why don’t we have any of this in DC? Seems like it would be a great fit. Maybe somewhere like Hotel George, which already has currency-themed art, or even one of the many new breweries or bars in Columbia Heights or on the 14th Street Corridor?

Imagine this room with a penny-tiled floor. There. Much better! (Image via Perfect Escapes.)

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