Hello, 2011 Ikea Catalog!

10 Aug


It’s cheap, has everything from neutral to eclectic to modern, and even though the furniture isn’t likely to make it through more then two moves we sometimes buy it anyway. I’ll be the first designer to admit that we have some Ikea pieces — Malm dresser anyone?  Also for us, Ikea’s a go-to for things like watering cans, simple picture frames or planters, and kid toys.  I probably don’t even need to mention any other perks of going to the mega-Swedish-furniture-store, but I’ll just drop in a few others: teeny tiny pencils, paper measuring tape, the smell of lumber, product names that make you giggle, and of course, cinnamon rolls.

I’ve looked through the new 2011 catalog a few times this past week, and below are ten of my favorite Ikea finds that won’t break the bank and will add some interest to your decor…that is, if you’re not afraid of a little particle board and not averse to some conservative spending.

1.) ENGAN Chest, $149

Actually, the entire Engan collection is very cool. I'm loving the circular hardware and "wood" finish.

2.) GYLLEN Lamp, $39.99

So kitschy. So fun.

3.) PS MAKROS Pendant Lamp, $89.99

A pricier lamp, in terms of Ikea's standards, but looks to be well worth it.

4.) TRADIG Bowl, $24.99

Looks like it's from CB2...but cheaper.

5.) MONGSTAD Mirror, $99.99

Also comes in white for those who would not be able to fit a huge fire engine red/orange mirror into their existing color scheme.

6.) GLASORT KULLE linens, $19.99/twin

I love everything about this, especially the way the clouds continue onto the pillows.

7.) KIVIK Chaise, $319

Such an excellent, subtle, blue/gray color.

8.) MUDDUS Drop Leaf Table, $59.99

Very West Elm, at an Ikea price.

9.)  EKBY VIKTOR wall shelf, $10.99

Can't get enough of the red powder-coated steel.

10.) …and finally, saving the best for last, the DUTIG food toys, $499 – $7.99

These are, by far, some of the cutest faux foods I've ever seen. Starting at under $5, you can't beat them.

And for those of you who are lifelong Ikea snobs, I won’t try to twist your arm any more but I will direct you to this website, which will generate your Swedish furniture name at the click of a button.

Happy Ikea Shopping!


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4 Responses to “Hello, 2011 Ikea Catalog!”

  1. Alison August 10, 2010 at 5:40 PM #

    I am trying to be patient about waiting for mine in the mail!!! I am going in 3 weeks and I CAN’T wait!!! I LOVE their stuff!!

  2. Olivia August 11, 2010 at 12:12 AM #

    Oh boy, now I can’t wait to get my Ikea catalog in the mail!! Great stuff.

  3. jess July 23, 2011 at 11:14 PM #

    sadly the mongstad mirror isn’t red/orange it’s just orange. 😦 I was so looking forward for it to be red/orange but saw it in store and was disappointed

    • jgbinteriors July 25, 2011 at 2:07 AM #

      Oh no! I’ve seen it a few times from across an aisle but not up close…at least not recently. Still, orange is pretty, as long as it isn’t clashing in an otherwise all-red room!

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