Indoor Farming: Florian Pucher’s Land Carpet

21 Jul

If I was the kind of girl that spent $1,200 on a rug for my kid to pee on, then this rug would be upstairs in my nursery right now.

Florian Pucher's Land Carpet area rug - USA

Sadly I’m not that kind of girl, so the rug that’s up there is a green and white striped number from Dwell Studio for Target.  I have an undying love for Dwell Studio and all, but the Land Carpet is one of those textiles that is truly and timelessly stunning in a way that far outshines bold stripes.

Austrian Designer Florian Pucher was inspired by aerial views of farming and landscaping…so he translated that into this glorious textile design.  There are several different versions of Land Carpet: USA, Africa, Netherlands and Europe. Each rug measures 1800mm x 1200mm (that’s about 70” x 47”).  The Netherlands carpet is a little bit larger.  I love how each area rug stylizes the local agricultural practices so succinctly.  Take the Netherlands version for example: with just with a few variations of line and color Pucher captures the tulips.  We see what he sees, and it’s so beautifully simple.

Land Carpet - The Netherlands

This is the carpet for Africa: equally stunning, with the subtle contrasts and juxtaposition of different densities.

Land Carpet - Africa

I love the photo of Europe’s Land Carpet from Pucher’s website.  If I had this rug it would be in my son’s room, covered in plastic cows and wooden dinosaurs for a good part of the day.  They’d be toppled over and smeared with peanut butter, but you get my point: this is not just a cute photo, but a really practical display of every day use.  As a designer and a consumer I appreciate this truth in advertising so much.  Also note that each patch of color has a different pile height – that’s craftsmanship, folks.

Land Carpet - Europe

You can visit Florian Pucher’s website and inquire about purchasing a piece of land for yourself here.  If you find yourself lucky enough to end up with one of these gorgeous rugs, do me a favor and don’t ever, EVER wear shoes in your house, ok?

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