Cats! And Cat Pillows!

15 Jul


I didn’t always love cats but my husband came as a package deal: him, and a well-muscled 18.5 pound beast name Neuman.  I love both of them, and I can honestly say that the first time I met Neuman I was as nervous as I had been on my first date with my husband.  He is one large feline.

As I’ve grown more and more attached to my cat son I’ve brainstormed ways to incorporate him into the decor of our home.  I’ve thought about a custom portrait, but don’t love the idea. I’ve thought about a large black and white photograph (we could even use one of our engagement photos, because we brought the cat to the session!) but he looks mean in most of those.  I’ve had a lot of ideas, but none were really striking me as “the one.”

Then I found this pillow:

Cat Pillow from Urban Outfitters, $28

It looks exactly like Neuman, and I adore it.  The back is a hideously patterned cheap floral, but it’ll have to do because IT LOOKS LIKE NEUMAN! Ok maybe the pillow cat is a little chubbier and white faced, but that’s a negligible detail.

On the subject of cat pillows, I also love these gorgeous silkscreened cotton ones from Areaware:

Cat Pillows from Areaware, various sizes are $20-$90

And, if you’re into whimsy and stylized depictions (and most likely have kids or a juvenile aesthetic) I love these cat-like Uglydolls.  They’re technically stuffed animals, but are relatively flat like pillows.

Uglydolls, various sizes are $10-$50

Finally, though not a pillow, I am in love with this balsa print that’s also from Areaware.  The colors, the stand-alone Leopard, and the slightly worn, washed-away background that makes the image the focus…stunning.

Leopard Balsa Print from Areaware, $350

Both the photographic pillows and the Balsa are designed by Ross Menuez for Areaware.  Menuez is a New York designer, and used flora and fauna inspirations to create these pieces.  He uses sustainable materials and methods, and all images are silkscreened on either organic cotton or sustainably harvested balsa wood.  Lovely!

And for those who are interested, this is my cat.  As you can see, he has two sides to him.

He is sweet, gentle, beautiful, and hungry most of the time.

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One Response to “Cats! And Cat Pillows!”

  1. Linda Bonness July 15, 2010 at 6:44 PM #

    Cool ideas for incorporating a “loved one” into your decor.For most of us, our pets are truly part of the family.
    On a personal note, thanks for loving Neuman the cat too, as well as my son. You’re a great daughter-in-law, as well as a very savvy and talented designer.

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