Gorgeous Reclaimed Wood

12 Jul

I used to not like wood at all, as I tended to favor metals, shiny enamel, and lacquered surfaces.  I’ve grown up since then.

We’ve all seen the Hudson dining table, made from wonderfully imperfect richly colored wood on an unexpected base (plexi-glass! polished chrome!).  If you’re human you probably love it.  This piece was one that sparked my interest in wood, and for that I’m grateful.

Hudson Single Slab Dining Table with Plexiglass Legs

If you’re into the innovative use of reclaimed tree parts, then take a look at these pieces.  They’re all equally gorgeous, friendly to the environment, and detrimental to your wallet, I’m sure.

Clayton Oxford Accent Table (or stool!), Acacia Wood

Clayton Oxford Dining Table, Acacia wood

Brent Comber Reclaimed Wood Tables, various woods

Clayton Oxford Table, reclaimed Teak wood

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