A Rainbow of Basil: This Week’s Inspirational Palette

21 Jun

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m growing things.  Specifically a tomato plant, a pepper plant, and a pot of about six different kinds of basil.  My husband chose the basil seeds — the only thing we are starting from scratch — and they have since sprouted at least 20 three-inch long stalks. He thinks I need to weed some out so that they have more room to grow but I refuse to since so far it’s the most plentiful thing in my “garden.”

My basil isn't this awesome yet, but give it a few more weeks and I'm sure it will be.

Anyway, as I also mentioned before, I know nothing about plants or gardening.  I didn’t know that when you water things after 10am you’re supposed to avoid getting water droplets on the plant itself because this acts as a prism of liquid fire or something.  Oops.  That said, I have one handsome medium sized pepper and five (FIVE!) green cherry tomatoes that range from about a centimeter to a few inches in diameter.  And I have the aforementioned forest of basil.

Basil is awesome: it comes in so many varieties I can’t even keep track.  But seeing as how I don’t give a flying flip about plant names and technicalities, let’s just say that instead of varieties basil comes in lots of COLORS.  There are several types of green basil and a few types of purple basil; the purples range from black to eggplant to a deep brownish red.  In terms of texture, the leaves can be flat and, well, leaf shaped, or they can be curly and almost lettuce-like (this is called “curly basil”…really).

At this moment I’m so proud of my basil and my gardening skills that I thought I’d create an inspirational palette that uses basil as its muse.  Hope you enjoy the lovely greens and purple-y browns as much as I do!

Not to play favorites, but I like the fabric best: it's called Mod-Atticus in Basil!

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